Transform Countless Lives by Sponsoring a Pastor

Sponsoring a pastor or lay leader in a developing country is a great way to multiply your impact!

Your gift equips a pastor or lay leader to lead our discipleship studies for churches and groups in their mother-tongue language. Each person they lead through the Discipleship Series will emerge as a fully formed disciple-maker, so they can continue the process with people in their personal networks.

Your monthly gift ignites a limitless cycle of disciple-making!

Here’s a few ways you can get involved and help Christian leaders year-round.

$35per month

Equip a pastor with resources to make Disciples in Central America

$50per month

Equip several pastors with resources to train Disciples in Asia

$500per month

Provide the resources for a Director to oversee multiple disciple-making training centres

Equip a pastor or lay leader to make disciples and spark a discipleship movement. Multiply your impact by sponsoring a pastor today!